Rainbow Hospitals, Deeside & Bangor

Contractor: Vinci Construction UK, as part of Integrated Health Projects


BetsiCadwaladr Healthcare Trust


Consultant CDP (Bangor) RPS (Deeside)



In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Integrated Health Projects (a fully integrated joint venture between Sir Robert McAlpine and Vinci Construction UK) has built temporary hospitals across the nation providing additional beds, space and facilities for the large number of COVID-19 patients needing treatment.



We assisted with the construction of two temporary Rainbow Hospitals in Wales by providing mechanical, electrical and public health installation support. Our first project was at Deeside Leisure Centre, transforming its primary facilities, including an outdoor ice rink and skate park, into a 419 bed hospital. We also worked with Bangor University Sports Centre by converting its squash courts, sports hall and weight rooms into a 223 bed fully-functioning hospital, summing to 642 beds across both hospitals.



100 operatives were mobilised to work on the Deeside project and a further 72 operatives for Bangor, within three days of receiving the instruction from Vinci Construction UK. We successfully installed numerous work packages to both sites including: oxygen medical gases to all areas, mechanical ventilation as required, data, lighting and power installation, and a full CO2 and O2 detection system.

We also ensured the sites were fully operative by cleaning all pre-established utilities and installing a new fire alarm system, toilets, shower blocks and a mortuary. The cooperation and persistence of everyone across our loyal supply chain helped us to successfully and meticulously deliver the brief.



Thanks to our suppliers and operatives working persistently day and night, both Rainbow Hospitals were finished efficiently to a very tight deadline. Deeside’s hospital took three weeks to complete, with Bangor’s completed in just two.

During this short amount of time, 172 operatives from across the supply chain worked for 21,370 hours, installing 1,883 light fittings, 653 nurse call points, 330 data points, 11.6km of cable and 7km of medical gas pipework. A truly collaborative approach to project completion, from which we intend to take many lessons for years to come.