Our Values

As a family-owned business, our values are very important to us. They reflect who we are, express what we believe and shape the way we behave. The way we go about achieving things at the HE Simm Group is as important to us as the final outcome.

We have four core values that underpin everything we do and say.


Excellence. We aim to be exceptional in everything we do

• We perform consistently strongly, so our customers and colleagues rely on us
• We make the remarkable seem straightforward – customers expect excellence and get it
• We inspire others
• We work hard because we love what we do
• Our motivation is the buzz we get from doing an excellent job


People We put people first.

• We respect diversity, treat everyone equally and foster an inclusive culture
• We are open and fair – we show appreciation and respect
• We encourage each other through positivity and recognition each day
• We play to people’s strengths, energising rather than criticising
• We listen well instead of reacting fast, so we can understand better


Integrity Our success is built on trusted relationships

• We question everything, speak our mind and challenge respectfully
• We give feedback freely and take it gracefully
• We are quick to admit mistakes
• We are known for honesty and directness
• We always do the right thing


Collaboration We work together to be the best

• We understand the needs of others and go the extra mile to help them succeed
• We know we are part of something bigger – our strength comes from unity
• We work together across departmental, geographical and cultural boundaries
• We hold ourselves and our team responsible to achieve the best performance
• We celebrate success together