Offsite Manufacture

Pinnacle Offsite is our industry-leading MEP offsite manufacturing business, delivering pioneering prefabrication solutions to a wide and growing range of customers across the UK.

Offsite manufacturing remains a growing market – due to its cost effective, safer and environmentally friendly solutions – our recent £1m investment in a 21,000 sq ft specialist facility demonstrates our commitment to this offering as a leading MEP provider.

Our solutions include the manufacturing of packaged plant rooms, plant skid modules, MEP lateral and riser modules and prefabricated utility cupboards. We see every project as a challenge to manufacture as much offsite as possible. We don’t ask if it can be done – we ask how.

Delivering benefits for customers and colleagues

Delivering benefits for customers and colleagues

Offsite manufacturing involves prefabricating modules to fit into the constraints of existing building infrastructure. We’ve seen customer demand grow and grow, due to our innovative service and the range of benefits the method delivers.

Build costs, labour costs, time on site, deliveries, defects and on-site waste aren’t the only things prefabrication helps reduce. It is also a safer alternative to more traditional construction site conditions, creating a reduced-risk working environment for our colleagues.

Furthermore, prefabrication is a valuable alternative for those projects where there are specific challenges associated with working on site.

Offsite construction for a greener planet

Offsite construction for a greener planet

When we manufacture offsite, the planet wins too. Prefabrication results in significantly reduced waste, because works are produced to meet exacting requirements, with the minimum amount of material used. In addition, less energy is required for production and transportation is cut hugely.

This approach fits with our objectives of being a responsible business, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do.