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Safety comes first

The health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, our customers and our supply chain partners is, and always will be, our no 1 priority.

As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to unfold we would like to reassure you of the steps we are taking across our sites and offices to ensure the appropriate guidelines are met.

The government has been clear that work on the UK’s construction sites must continue as long as Public Health England guidance is followed at all times. The latest Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures (SOP) issued on March 24, 2020 align with the latest Public Health England guidance.

Site operations

In line with this we are collaborating with our customers and our supply chain partners to assess our site operations and implement the guidance. In certain cases, where we don’t believe we can meet the SOP/guidance, we have paused our operations to allow us more time to consider how we can recommence works.

Our expectation is that some of these sites will reopen this week (week commencing 30th March), but we will keep this under review. If we are not satisfied with the plans put forward to reopen these sites, our teams will not recommence work. Our strategy will ensure we can remobilise quickly, in part, or entirely as soon as circumstances allow.

There are however a number of our sites where we are fully confident on the protocols put in place to safeguard our teams and therefore, they remain open.

What’s happening in our offices?

Elsewhere in our business, our teams are fully enabled to work remotely and are doing so to ensure the smooth running of our business. Where working from home isn’t possible, again we have taken steps to ensure the safety of our colleagues, by following the guidelines that have been issued.

Travelling to and from work

We have specifically requested that our sites change their working hours to avoid putting pressure on public transport, particularly the tube network, during the peak hours of 05:45 ‐ 7:30 and 16:00 ‐ 17:30. If construction workers travel later in the morning and evening, they can protect themselves, critical workers and transport staff.

Our strategic response

We have formed a COVID-19 response team, with members of our executive and management teams coming together daily to ensure we understand this changing situation as it evolves.

Lending a helping hand

We are currently exploring ways in which we, as a business, can help those less fortunate and also those who are facing this crisis on the front line. Where we can offer support we will, as we are all in this together.

Thank you

Thank you to our amazing colleagues, trusted customers and supply chain partners who continue to support each other. We will get through this and we will do so together.