About Us

We are one of the UK’s top five family-owned and operated mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) businesses, delivering outstanding projects throughout the built environment for valued customers across the UK.

Established in 1948, we have a proud heritage and a proven track record of achievement.

Our business has gone from strength to strength. While we have changed significantly over the years, our enduring focus has been to achieve outstanding levels of performance and customer satisfaction. This is underpinned by our values of teamwork, honesty, excellence and people.

Headquartered in Liverpool, with offices in London and Manchester, we have over 1,000 employees and supply chain partners working across the UK. We have the specialist capabilities to design, deliver and maintain highly efficient MEP systems across a wide range of sectors.

Our success is built on a continuing focus on developing trusted relationships by being honest, providing superior service and quality, and always delivering.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Specialising in the design, offsite manufacture, installation and maintenance of MEP solutions, we have an industry-leading reputation for delivering outstanding levels of service and quality, and always meeting our customers’ needs.

Our customers always come first. From the outset, we make sure we truly understand the purpose of a project and develop innovative solutions that are tailored exactly to a customer’s needs. We provide advice, technical expertise and support from design through to post-completion – a coherent approach that our clients love.

Our engineering teams also work closely with our services businesses, HESIS and Aspen Thorn Safety Management, to provide a true end-to-end solution.

Our Philosophy & Purpose

Our Philosophy & Purpose

Today, our founder’s words remain the cornerstone of HE Simm.

  • We build trusted relationships with our customers.
  • We treat our colleagues as family.
  • We make the right choices and keep our promises.
  • We deliver to the highest possible standards.

As a result, our customers return, our colleagues stay and our solutions succeed.

Our purpose moving forward is to continue building on the engineering excellence we have offered for the past 70 years. We want to become the very best. We want to:

  • Be the best employer.
  • Be the best partner to our customers and suppliers.
  • Make the best investments and decisions for our shareholders.
  • Make HE Simm the best it can be for future generations.
Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple.

  • Repeat business through trusted relationships sits at its heart.
  • We focus on our customers’ needs.
  • We deliver solutions to the highest possible standard.
  • We improve continually, always seeking better ways of working.
  • We invest in our people, technology and processes, to enable them to be the best.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is also simple.

In 2016, our 68th year of trading, we launched ‘Another 68 Years’. A strategy which would leverage our business model and value offering, to achieve market-leading performance, laying the foundations for delivering disciplined, organic growth. Our current five-year-strategy, which will see us through to 2021, focuses on building a business that is safe, trusted, talented and renowned for excellence.

Phase 1
Phase 1

Phase 1 – Focus & Enable

Focus & Enable – finished in 2019. This was a period of consolidation, in which we refocused on our business model and prepared for growth, we got our business in shape to ensure the ultimate performance with all stakeholders – investors, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and employees – as we moved into phase 2.

Phase 2 – Profitable Organic Growth

We are now in Phase 2 – Profitable Organic Growth – and are focusing on disciplined growth and sector diversification through our trusted customer relationships, while delivering optimal performance.

Our Competitive

Although proud of our history, we are constantly looking to move forward, maintain our competitive edge and be the best.

So, what makes us stand out from the crowd? And why do our customers keep on coming back?

Our seven pillars of value underpin our business and drive our success. Together they sum up ‘why choose us’.


Health and Safety

We want HE Simm to be the safest place to work. Safety will always come first.

Our innovative Passport to Work scheme, which increases the health and safety competence of operatives, has almost halved our accident incident rate over the past two years.

We prioritise our employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Mental health first-aiders are now commonplace on every site and we have a full-time mental health nurse.

A safe and healthy workplace is also happier, more motivated and more efficient.


Our Talented People

Our people are our greatest strength. They always put our customers first and enjoy coming to work

HE Simm is all about creating a diverse, inclusive and positive workplace where people feel comfortable, respected and valued, allowing us all to be the best we can be. When people feel valued and included, we become better, stronger and more innovative.

Above all, we offer an unrivalled customer experience, building trusted relationships by being open, responsive, communicative and always willing to go the extra mile. It’s why 90% of our work is repeat business and customers always say they want to work with us again.


Financial Strength

Our growing turnover and strong balance sheet make us a trusted, reliable partner.

As a family business, we pride ourselves on carrying no debt. Increased profits have been backed by a strong cash performance and a healthy forward order book.

Our solid financial foundation enables us to innovate, invest and always deliver for our customers.


Early Engagement

Early engagement with customers ensures better outcomes for everyone.

Our early engagement consistently leads to a reduction in costs and programme, achieving benefits to the MEP delivery, wider construction activities and operational life of the building.
Our collaborative approach, working alongside other design and construction partners, ensures efficient, cost effective and coordinated solutions are developed.
In parallel with this our team of experienced construction, planning, procurement and commercial professionals, ensure that the design outputs are aligned with the delivery, programme and cost requirements of all project stakeholders. We strive to ensure our approach to innovation, supply chain and on and offsite technologies delivers measurable results, so that the value of our early engagement is realised by customers.


Supply Chain Relationships

Collaborative, dynamic supply chain relationships are key to our success.

We treat our supply chain with respect, work alongside them as a team and learn from one another. Unlike other companies, we have supply chain relationship managers. They make sure that links between HE Simm and supply chain partners at all levels operate in the right way and in line with shared values and cultures to achieve mutual objectives and continuous improvement. With one of the best payment records in the industry, our supply chain likes working with us.

We know our subcontractors and are assured of their high standards, safe ways of working and influence on sustainable solutions.


Sustainability & Environment

We consider the impact of our actions on future generations.

We make choices that help our communities. Our charitable partnerships support those around us. In the London boroughs we integrate ex-offenders on to our projects and we develop a sustainability action plan for each of our projects nationwide.

We are on a journey to protect and enhance our environment. To minimise waste and water and remove single use plastics, as well as reduce our carbon emissions.

Delivering sustainable projects is key to our future success. Our drive to integrate prefabrication and preassembly is set to bring major benefits for our customers.


Successful Delivery

We deliver on time, snag free and to the highest health and safety standard.

A track record of 70 years’ delivering engineering excellence is evidenced in 90% of our work being repeat business and 100% of customers wanting to work with us again.

Our goal is to have ‘delighted’ customers, who recommend us as ‘the best’ MEP provider. To meet this goal, we carry out satisfaction reviews four times over the course of each project to benchmark our performance and ensure happy customers.